Nannies versus Babysitters in Calgary

So you live in Calgary, work full-time, have a few wonderful children, and need some help with the kids. How do you know if you need a babysitter or nanny, and how can you decide?

First, you need to be clear on the difference between babysitters and nannies. The main difference between them is the amount of time each spends with your child per day. Babysitters usually watch your children for only a few hours a day, and nannies usually to watch them for more extended amounts of time (anywhere from five hours to twelve hours). Some nannies also live with their employers, have official contracts, vacation days, sick leave, etc., whereas most babysitting jobs tend to be more informal and unofficial.

If you’re undecided about whether a nanny or babysitter is right for your family, here are some things to consider:

How old are your children? If you have two or more children under the age of three and work full-time, a nanny might be a better option for you than a babysitter. This is because toddlers and babies tend to have shorter days in school or daycare than older children, and this means you might need more help around the house when they are home. You also might not be available to pick them up from school. And believe it or not, a nanny might also be more cost-efficient than sending them all out to daycare.

If you don’t feel like you need a nanny to spend five hours with your children, a babysitter can be a better (and more cost-efficient) option. This can be especially true if you work from home and just need someone in the house to watch your children so you can get some work done. Or if you come home from work at six but your children finish school at four, so you just need someone for those two hours.

Choosing a nanny or babysitter in Calgary is a personal choice, and one that should be made carefully. When you weigh all the factors, you can figure out which option is best for you and your family.


Interviewing Nannies in Calgary

When searching for a nanny in Calgary, Alberta, whether you are looking for a part-time, full-time, or summer-time employee, you will certainly need to conduct an interview to choose the best person for the job. Conducting an in-person interview will let you get a glimpse of who the person really is, something that cannot be done over the phone. You will be able to see if the potential candidate pays attention, listens, makes eye contact, smiles and talks to the children.

You also want to make sure that the nanny you hire has experience, and is someone you can trust with your children. Here are some interview questions you can ask to help you make the best, informed decision:

  •           What experience do you have working with children?
  •           How many years have you been babysitting or caring for children?
  •           What were the ages of the children that you watched?
  •           What ages are you most comfortable with?
  •           In your past experience, have you found that you are generally able to help with      homework and get the kids to bed on time?
  •           Do you have any CPR training or any other medical training?
  •           How would you describe your personality?
  •           Are you flexible in terms of hours, or if I’m running home late from work?
  •           Are you looking for something long-term or short-term?
  •           Why did you leave your last job?

Try not to phrase your questions in terms of positives and negatives. For example, if you ask, “Do you consider yourself a calm person, or someone who is more anxious?” it is quite obvious that the answer you are looking for is, calm. Try to phrase your questions neutrally so that there is no negative choice, just two different options. For example, you can ask what ages she’s most comfortable with before you tell her the ages of your children. That way, you can get an honest response.

If the potential nanny complete the interview and you are totally satisfied, then you have found your nanny! If the interview wasn’t great, continue to meet potential nannies. You need to be sure about who you choose. After all, you are entrusting them not only with your house, but with your children – your most precious possessions.

You Want a Part Time or Full Time Nanny, Live in Nanny or Live out Nanny?

nanny calgary
You have decided to hire a nanny for your children. But do you need a nanny full time, or part time. First of all, your household budget is a major factor in this decision. Put it on paper and do the math. Recognize the fact that a nanny is a position of great responsibility. After all, she is responsible for the most important little people in your life, your very own children. She should be paid accordingly. Consider how much time you are comfortable being away from your children. Also, consider the demands of your job, and if you often are called to work unexpectedly. Knowing that your children are well cared for in a broad time frame can bring you great peace of mind, and free you to build the economic stability you want for your family. Perhaps, you will need to consider a live in nanny that can become even more intrinsic to your family. When you find the nanny who is a perfect fit for your family, make sure all details are articulated, written into a contract, and understood by both parties. This will go a long way to avoid misunderstanding in the future. Calgary is a great place to live, and you want to insure that your children feel the same way. A Calgary nanny can bring joy and extra love to you and yours! But this is a decision that must be carefully formulated, in order to enhance the experience for you and your family.

Nannies in Alberta – Find and Hire a Live in Nanny in Alberta

All of the foreign nannies and caregivers at Nannies Alberta qualify under the Live-in Caregiver Program and are eligible to work in Alberta which means that unlike you may be thinking you will not have to sponsor them.
If you are interested in hiring a foreign nanny or caregiver Nannies Alberta will help you step by step along the way and even file your application on your behalf.
Once you have told us what you are looking for we will be able to introduce you to the nannies in Alberta that match your specific requirements.  This way you will be able to select  the most qualified and suitable live in nanny for your family.

Nanny Agency in Calgary Alberta

Nanny Agency in Calgary

Nanny Agency in Calgary

Nanny Agency Calgary is a permanent and temporary placement nanny agency with offices based inCalgaryand operating acrossCanada. We work solely with skilled professional child care providers.

The goal of the nanny agency in Calgary is the thoughtful matching of client and nanny needs to assure the best possible placements. We have a wide variety of live in nannies, live out nannies, mothers helpers, live in caregivers and maternity nurses on our register which enable us to fulfill our family’s requirements. We have built up our first class reputation by our dedication to matching families with nannies and babysitters successfully. We not only offer excellent customer service to all our clients during the nanny search but we also provide both families and nannies ongoing support throughout the placement.

We at Nanny Agency Calgary understand that hiring a nanny can be a daunting prospect and have alleviated the stress for families by ensuring that all our nannies and babysitters:

Are qualified

Have a minimum of two years’ experience

Provide references that are verified with previous employers.

Are met in person and or interviewed indirectly.

Are eligible to work in Canada

Speak high levels of English/ French

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Nanny Services in Calgary

Live-in Caregivers in Alberta

Caregivers are very experienced and qualified advanced home based carers or registered nurses. Caregivers provide expert and personalized services (Either live-in, daily or hourly care to suit the families needs), and can assist the frail, disabled and/or infirm family member in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Qualifications required – Overseas Applicants

Overseas nannies and caregivers are recruited under Canada’s Live-in Caregiver program. A program designed to allow qualified nannies and caregivers to come to Canada on a work permit and eventually apply to become a permanent resident. Listed below are the required qualifications to apply as a nanny or caregiver in Canada.

  1. Successful completion of high school education (12 years or more). Candidates educated in the Philippines required having at least 72 credits (two years full time in college)
  2. Fluency in English or French. Must be able to speak, read and understand English or French.
  3. Successful completion of six months full time Caregiver Training Program or 12 months of full time paid employment experience in a job related to care-giving.
  4. Candidate should be able to function independently in a home setting.
  5. Be in good health.

In addition to the above qualifications you must be able to provide following:

  1. Certification in CPR and First Aid.
  2. Police clearance certificate.
  3. If applicable a college diploma in the area of teaching and/or nursing.
  4. Copy of your passport.
  5. Reference letters from previous employers and letters of character references.

Nanny or Babysitter Salary

Before you make an salary offer to a Nanny or Babysitter, be sure you are aware of your legal responsibilities in hiring someone to work in your home. Salary is not dependent on the need of the individual, rather on the value they provide and is also based on their past experience and quality of their work. The salary you hand over to your nanny also depends on whether or not she is a full time or a part time nanny, and whether or not you provide her with food and cover other utility costs. Number of children in the family also needs to be a factor. The Nanny’s responsibility level is raised with the amount of children that she must look after and take care of.
One way to make your decisions educated when you are thinking about a salary for your nanny is to simply ask other people you know have hired a nanny/babysitter, so, ask them how much their nanny gets paid and what the negotiations of the contract are. Call local nanny agencies in your area and talk to nannies about what their expectations are. Check the nanny wanted sections in newspapers and websites to see how much people in your area are offering.